A year and a half ago I decided to learn how to play guitar.  I bought a Fender Squire kit, looked around for teachers, and signed up with Owen.  It’s amazing to look back and see how far I’ve come.  When I started, I couldn’t play a single note and now I’m playing and singing a song for my wife on our anniversary.  We have these jam sessions where he arranges a song for each of us based on skill and we get to hear everything put together.  It feels like playing in a band.  My favorite quality of Owen’s is his energy.  It’s difficult to learn a musical instrument as an adult and he always keeps me motivated.  I really enjoy learning with Owen.

Tom Caswell

Imagine.  You want to improve an element of your guitar playing.  Owen will take you right where you are, then patiently and kindly, lure you up to the next level.  Boring tab-books and random videos won’t get you there, because you won’t have a master-coach, fine-tuning your technique, making you confidently ready to perform at your personal best.  Owen is the difference between trying to learn to play golf from a three-minute video, verses having a super-star coach offer you suggestions, and then demo it right in front of you.

Lewis Faulkner

Owen possesses the perfect combination of guitar genius and motivational speaker. I leave every lesson feeling better than when I arrived. He is patient enough for any skill level. He removes any intimidation associated with learning a musical instrument. I have learned so much, not only about guitar but music as well. I cannot imagine a better guitar teacher.

Owen is a great teacher. If you are a beginner, he will have you strumming a song after your first lesson. If you have experience, his lessons are challenging and fun.

I began working with Owen Hurter in September 2016.  I was probably like many older students—nervous to start something new.  I tried to play the guitar when I was in fifth or sixth grade, and those lessons consisted of endless chord practices, with a few older songs.  But, when I met Owen, I knew immediately that this time it was going to be different.  Well, first, because he told me so! But, right away there was something very infectious about Owen, and I left that initial meeting knowing that I’d be able to play a song right away.

Owen’s teaching style is fantastic.  His enthusiasm and love of the guitar spill over when he’s instructing, and it is infectious.  Although I’ve very new at this, I never feel that I will not be able to attain my goal of someday playing with others! I enjoy practicing and coming to the lessons knowing that he will be excited for any little bit of progress I make during the week.  I highly recommend him!

Vicky Clay

I have had an outstanding experience with Owen Hurter at Amplified Music School! I decided to learn guitar at age 42 and needed an instructor that was flexible, knowledgeable and a lot of fun. My goals are to be able to work out bits at home, jam with friends and occasionally play out locally.

In the 10 months I’ve spent with Owen I’ve managed to make progress on each of my goals (multi-year as they are), at a pace that suits my schedule and expectations. We work out songs that I want to play and Owen weaves in best practices, music theory and industry experience to give me a well-rounded perspective each week. Owen has such a positive demeanor and is a very skilled guitarist and sound engineer; I leave each lesson in a great mood and I’m inspired to keep practicing!

When my 7-year-old daughter said she wanted to learn guitar I did not hesitate to introduce her to Owen. She’s 6 months in and is already composing her own simple songs, complete with lyrics. I can’t recommend Owen enough!

Trey Rivers

Owen came highly recommended by a good friend as the best in guitar and songwriting lessons. We are so glad we listened. We are so pleased with the level of progress (both my son and I) have grown tremendously in skill and confidence in only a few short months of lessons. Within only one month of lessons, he had my 7-year old son playing several (simple) songs on the guitar, and my son loves playing because of Owen’s fun and encouraging approach to teaching. He is kind, trustworthy, and a master at not only the guitar but in offering insight that will advance anyone’s musical skill set in leaps and bounds. He has helped me grow in playing the guitar and his insight that he has offered to my songwriting has been so helpful and inspiring. We highly recommend Owen!!!