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3 Techniques every guitar player should know

I give Guitar Lessons in Cary North Carolina, and as a guitar instructor there are three basic techniques that I think every student of mine should learn on their journey.

5 Things you’LL need when pursuing guitar lessons.

I give guitar lessons in Cary NC and have made a checklist that I give to all my students. These things are really important in order for you to grow

What do you do when your desire to practice starts dwindling?

You are taking beginner guitar lessons and everything seem to be going well………then one day you enter a season where the last thing you want to do is practice! What do

Why I teach

I have been giving guitar lessons for a really long time, and I have been asked many times why teach, and what I love most about it. The truth is

Staying tapped into creativity

I give guitar lessons in Cary, NC and one of my greatest goals while giving guitar lessons to beginners is to help them discover their creativity. I understand that not every one

The Importance of Technique

  I teach students how to play chords, how to play rhythm, how to solo, and lots more, but the greatest thing I can teach a student is technique. What

10 Easy Tips to Beginner Guitar Lessons

As a guitar teacher I’ve compiled a list of 10 easy tips as you start you guitar lesson journey. Enjoy! Decision and Determination. Making a decision to do something you’ve

Do you need a teacher?

I teach Guitar Lessons in Cary NC and have a lot of beginner acoustic and electric guitar students. I always tell my students that having a guitar teacher can save you

The building blocks of songwriting – part 1

Songwriting does rely on inspiration but most writers will tell you it consists of 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Although it is something that flows from a place of passion